Fun in the Sun in Grand Turk


Today was a very full day that started very very early.  We decided to do the horseback riding in Grand Turk and that was one excursion we were very much looking forward to.  We had to be at the meeting spot at 7:45.  We headed over to the private beach for a bit over an hour.  The water was cold, at least to me, but clear and beautiful.  The visibility was incredible.  You could see all the way to the bottom.  Turks and Caicos is known for sea glass and we had no trouble spotting some.

We got on the bus and headed across the island after the beach. Although I really shouldn’t call it a bus.  It was more like an open air truck with seats.  The island is quite small, only about 7 miles.  The striking thing about the island is looking off into the distance and seeing the color change in the water.  It is beautiful.

img_2093We arrived at a very simple ranch estate and were immediately greeted by the smell of manure.  No big deal.  You get used to it very quickly.  We got a short safety brief and they started putting us on horses.  They had a large mounting block so no one fell off at least for that part.  I ended up on Yancy for the land part of the trail riding.  Yancy liked to stop and eat.  They put those that had ridden before on the more challenging horses. That was Yancy.  He did eventually cooperate. We road a little ways to a short trail and rode along the beach.

img_2080After the trail ride, we split into smaller groups and swam with the horses.  I had a different horse this time and he was raring to go.  We went out into the water single file and the horses started running through the water without much encouragement from us.  They clearly loved it.  It ended way too early for me.  I loved it.  We didn’t fall off but one of the people in the other group did.  I will admit there was some chaffing as a result of the ride.  Most of us were wearing shorts or swimsuits but the chaffing was worth it.


After the horseback riding we headed over to a lighthouse.  The views of the ocean were amazing.  There were donkeys all around and we walked around taking pictures and relaxing.  The lighthouse area is where they do ziplining.  The zipline extends out over the water so I’m sure it would be exciting to try.

We headed back on the road the replica of the space castle is on and had just enough time to do a little bit of shopping before our all aboard time.  We went shopping right around the port area since we had a little time left.  We make a point of stopping in Cariloha each trip and this time was no exception.  There stuff changes color in sunlight and it’s fun to see what they have that’s new since the last time. We also found a souvenir store that had good deals on shirts so we grabbed some and a magnet.

img_2128Everyone was headed back to the ship at the same time and the food venues were packed so we headed over to the Skyride and tried that. It was a good time.  We’ll be doing it again. Cory decided to race me and said he won.  I’m not sure that’s true but that’s okay. After the Skyride we hit Guy’s Burger Bar.  It was really really good but messy.  I wore some of it unfortunately.  After that it was the spa for a bit and then over to a comedy show.  I will admit to not being a huge fan of comedy shows but it was actually pretty good.

We arranged dinner with some other Dream Vacations Owners for later that night so we tried out the main dining room for a change.  I will admit to having two desserts that night. We had an enjoyable dinner even though we spent a little time talking business.  We were pretty tired after all that.  We called it a night after dinner and went back to our cabin to watch a movie.


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