Our First Sea Day on Vista

Our day opened up with another general session full of travel agent stuff but we opened the session with a performance by Playlist Productions. Carnival has reintroduced live music and the shows are awesome.  We had lunch in Bonsai sushi during the session break.  The food there is wonderful.  It was well worth it.  So far we have not been disappointed with any restaurant we’ve tried.

We ran into the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, Christine Duffy, in the restaurant and talked briefly about sailings out of Norfolk.  She told us the reason there aren’t more sailings to Bermuda from Norfolk is they can’t get the government of Bermuda to grant more space.  So if you want more Bermuda out of Norfolk let Carnival and the government of Bermuda know.  We also talked about Fathom and the direction impact cruises are going in.

After our afternoon sessions, we stopped at the spa and had a 75 min hot stone massage.  That was wonderful.  The spa and fitness staff are great and they go out of their way to make you comfortable.  It was fun and relaxing at the same time.  Our masseurs were from South Africa and Serbia.  We had a good time talking with them.  We went into the therapy pool area for a bit afterword.  I love the spa area.  The heated loungers are seriously the greatest thing invented.  vista-spa

We loved the show preview at general session so much we decided to see the full show. It was fantastic.  It was all music from and inspired by Cuba.  They did such a great job I’m considering going again.  Check out our Facebook page for some of the video from the show.  vista-show

We caught dinner after the show at the pizzeria. We had a prosciutto pizza which was delicious.  We ate outside by the Tides Pool.

After dinner we went our separate ways.  Cory really likes comedy shows and I’m not so much a fan so he went to the show and I went to the gym.  I’m pretty sure hell froze over but the gym is pretty good so once I got motivated it was a pretty good workout.


We met up afterword for movie under the stars.  I’m normally not someone that goes for that but I walked on deck to do my cool down and got pulled in.  All in all it was a great day.  vista-pool1



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