Heading Out on Carnival Vista

We’re finally traveling again.  Having a day job can be a bit of a drag that way.  We headed out after work on Thursday for Walterboro SC.  Our ultimate destination was Miami.  We are on our way to the Caribbean on the inaugural sailing of the Carnival Vista.  Full disclosure: we’re travel agents and this is our national conference so it’s not all play.  We’re in training sessions most of the day.

We decided to drive down to see iwalterborof that would be something we would be willing to try again.  It’s a 14 hour drive which isn’t bad when you break it up into a few days.
We left VA Beach way later than we wanted to so we arrived in Walterboro about 1:30 in the morning. You’ve likely never heard of Walterboro.  We used to joke that it wasn’t the end of the world but you could see it from there. We stopped there because I grew up there and am familiar with the area.  We drove around the town before we left and not much had changed. My old house is for sale and the store I worked at is no longer there but otherwise it’s the same.

15337522_10211337162450377_6501355216916768172_nWe found the cutest antique store on Main Street and it is only one of several.  We spent some time in Bachelor Hill Antiques and bought this.

I’m super excited.  He’s delivering which is key because we brought the Fiat.  For some reason my husband thinks everything fits in the Fiat.  That is just simply not the case.  I could have taken several pieces of furniture home.  We also walked around Main Street for a few minutes before we headed out to check out the rest of town.

As it turns out my old high school is now the middle school.  I was completely confused until I figured that out.  I knew it was renamed.  I didn’t realize they built a completely new facility.  It is nice.

We stopped in Port Wentworth GA for lunch.  We stopped at Sweet Tea and it was really good.  They have really good pimento cheese.  It’s worth a stop.  After lots of traffic and consternation we got down to Kissimmee. We stopped there for the night because Cory’s family is there and we don’t get to see them much.  We had dinner with them and stayed up really late so today was a bit painful.  We had to head out really early this morning to finish the rest of the drive to Miami.  The nice thing about the cruise terminal there is it’s pretty easy to get to and park.

cruise-terminalThis was a first trip on Carnival for us.  They had a special line for us because we had to get onboard and done with lunch prior to our general session.  Our keynote speaker was Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation.  He’s a great speaker.  There are lot’s of provider CEOs here.  We ended up in the elevator with the President of Carnival Cruise Cruise Line, Christine Duffy.  She was wearing some pretty incredible Effy jewelry. Being the boss has it’s perks.

The ship is beautiful and the staff is great. The atrium has an curved LED screen in the middle.  Our stateroom is spacious and beautiful.


We bought a spa pass and took advantage of it as soon as we could.  The spa is pretty great with all the saunas and the therapy pool.  I love our room. It’s spacious and nicely decorated.  There were even robes in our room. That is a serious plus for me.   We are enjoying the ship and looking forward to Grand Turk.  Cory and I haven’t been there before so we’re excited.  We’ll be touring the island on horseback.  More to follow on that…What could possibly go wrong?

Tomorrow is a sea day and the first real day of the conference.  We will also be checking out the Sky Ride and the slides soon.  I forgot to mention we finally got to witness a horn battle pulling out of port.  It was between us and Carnival Glory.

I’ll be adding more pictures when I can to include Arnold dancing at our session.  While the internet package is pretty good, the pictures are taking awhile to upload.  You can see some of them on our Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/chicksbeachtravel.


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