Stumbling Onto A Castle

IMG_2273Ireland is great because you can do things like turn a corner on a road and see a ruin or in this case a restored castle. We were on our way over to the Cliffs of Moher and went through the town of Kinvarra.  We literally stumbled on Dunguaire Castle.  Dunguaire is a 16th century tower house that sits on Galway Bay.  It is restored inside and is furnished on two floors.   It was a private residence after it was renovated so it looks a bit different than what you usually see.   They host a dinner there and there are several castles that do those types of dinners if you’re interested.

It has exhibits that show its evolution over time on the second floor.

The top floor is furnished like it was when it was a residence .

We were able to walk around the battlements even though it was very narrow and raining by going through a small third floor window.

We didn’t go rogue or anything.  It was actually set up that way.  We were able to see for miles and get an appreciation for that area.  Cory and I like touring tower houses because of their simplicity and he loves the Galway area so we were happy we stopped.  I think we’ll probably head back to that area the next time we visit.



After our tour we popped into the gift shop and then up to a craft shop.  I bought yet another piece of silver jewelry and then we headed out to the Cliffs of Moher.


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