A Very Wet Day At the Cliffs of Moher

After our time in Kinvarra, we headed over to the Cliffs.  The last time we were there we had a beautiful, sunny, calm day.  That was not the case this time around.  For whatever reason Cory didn’t bring a rain jacket with him so he ended up getting a poncho from the guy at the pay booth.  You actually pay your admission when you park and he was well stocked with ponchos.  The parking lot was packed and it was windy and pretty much raining sideways.  We hadn’t eaten lunch yet so we got our cameras packed, Cory put on his poncho, and we headed up to the visitors center.

We got lunch at the cafe there.  We ate our lunch under one of the rock faces since the cafe is literally built into a rock face. The food at the cafe is pretty good and not what you would expect from a cafeteria.  There’s also an exhibit that explains how the cliffs were formed.  Since we’d been there before we went straight out to the cliffs and bypassed the exhibit.

When we first headed out it wasn’t too bad weather wise.  It was still raining but it was slight. We walked all around to include leaving the park property and taking the trail you can take from one town to another along the cliffs.  It was extremely muddy and crowded on the paths. The paths had been moved back from where they were previously.  I will admit to climbing over them but it was mostly to get away from all of the mud on the path.  There are some cow pastures neighboring the path so I’m pretty sure the mud was a mix of cow manure and mud.  I did not have the right shoes on for the trekking we were doing and my jeans were pretty much done after that one side but that’s okay.

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We turned around when it was pretty apparent we needed actual hiking gear to go any further and headed over to the other side with the tower.  By that point it was a struggle to keep the camera drive and we didn’t go up in the tower since we’ve been in it before.  The star of the show was the sea and the fog that was coming in while we were there.  We did have a couple take our picture while we were up there.

13615360_10209975332085469_7985645995519403088_nWhen it became apparent were were going to sacrifice our camera gear if we stayed out there any longer, we headed down to the gift shop.

I found a piece of jewelry I’d been looking for and we finished our Christmas shopping for my parents.  We also bought some vintage style travel posters and purchased a picture of the cliffs.  I’m an amateur photographer and I didn’t do the cliffs justice when I took pictures the last time.  All in all it was a good if not very wet day. 13599875_10209975312484979_3171433296232531198_n


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