A quick stop in the city of Cork

We almost didn’t go to Cork. We spend more time in Kinsale than we planned and we really wanted to get over to Blarney Castle which is about 15 minutes north of Cork city.  Cork is a typical large city in Ireland with lots of one way roads and tight car parks (parking lots).  We had a singular objective in mind.  If you haven’t notice we travel like we’re taking an objective vice taking a vacation.  For us the laid back vacations happen in the Caribbean during the winter.  The fact is in Ireland we want to see as much as we can so we pack our days pretty full.

Our objective was the English market which is just a large indoor farmer’s market with a cafe on top.  We settle in for lunch in the very small restaurant.  They turn the tables pretty quick so we only had about a 10 minute wait.  The cafe also features a take away counter where you can order the same food off the dining menu.  The daily specials feature items from the vendors below.  I ended up having Hake which has become my new favorite fish and I generally don’t each much fish.  I’m usually more of a shellfish person. It was wonderful.

After lunch we headed down to the vendors below.  My husband saw a cheese vendor and was mesmerized.  He loves cheese I think more than anything in this world.  I suggested we get some for the trip up to Galway which was about 2 and half hours from Cork. We’ve been doing Paleo but added dairy and the cheese was a nice change from the paleo compliant snacks we’d been having.  The business was On the Pig’s Back and we were able to sample each cheese before we purchased.  You can hit up his blog for the details.  I’m sure he described it thoroughly.

IMG_1973We also found a very small booth in right across from the cheese vendor that sold souvenirs and artwork run by Ciaran Hoare.    We ended purchasing some pottery house number made by Connie and Alfred.  They aren’t Irish born but have lived in Ireland for about 30 years.  I don’t remember where they’re from.  They have the coolest address ever though.  It’s Goat’s Path, Sheeps Head, Bantry, Ireland.

We made those few purchases and then headed back so we could get back on the road.  On the way back we went through a park right across from the park that had the remains of a medieval wall. We took a few pictures and off we went.


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