Too Little Time At Ardfield

This one goes before Kinsale if you’re following the posts chronologically.


We made it into Cork about 8pm. We checked into the Ardfield B&B, run by a lovely lady named Bernadette.



She offered a cup of tea which which we postponed until after we went down to the local pub in Ballinhassig at Bernadette’s recommendation. The pub, which is named Kirby’s, is a wonderful restaurant and bar.

The menu features predominantly seafood and I had a lovely seafood pie. It’s predominately a local’s joint, which suited us just fine. Bernadette even offered to take us down there so we could have a few drinks.  I had a Jameson and ginger ale again and a nice seafood pie for dinner. We made it back and settled in and ended the evening with a cup of tea.

The views are amazing and the B&B features horses. They also have several dogs and I was happy to meet all of them. She insisted on us making ourselves at home. We took several pictures and then settled in for the evening. She helped us figure out what we were going to do the next day and without a doubt we didn’t allow enough time here. This place is magical and I can’t wait to come back.  They have several Spaniels and a Jack Russell Terrier that wanted to make friends.  I’m a huge dog person and one of their dogs even looked a bit like mine.  I could have hung out all day with the dogs but at least I got my dog fix in. They had and older Spaniel that reminds me of one of my puppies and then a couple of puppies.  They loved us.  The older dog followed us around and the puppies got in the car and the trunk. They clearly smelled our dogs.  I didn’t mind but Bernadette would likely be horrified by the puppies getting in the car.

She suggested we go down to Kinsale in the morning as well as Charles Fort.  Both were excellent suggestions and we too her up on both.  Kinsale is about 20 minutes south of the B&B.  Charles Fort is about 10 minutes outside of town.  The great thing about Cork is it’s central to the rest of that region.  Killarney and Kilkenny are easy day trips and it’s not that far from Dublin or Galway.

The Cork area is definitely on our return trip and we’ll probably stay at Ardfield again.  We like the views and the experience.  We’ve also talked about renting a cottage and staying there for a longer period of time next time.  The area, particularly Kinsale, is the perfect blend of water and mountains and I think it’s pretty close to paradise.



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