Rock of Cashel

We got back in the car and headed to Rock of Cashel in the town of Cashel. Cashel is in Co. Tipperary, which is also beautiful. There is a town area for shopping, multiple exhibits by the castle, abbey, monastery and of course the castle. We stopped for lunch down the street at Ladyswell Restaurant. The food was pretty good but their ventilation needs work and it was hot in the restaurant. They also don’t take card so make sure you have cash. Pretty much all of Cashel is cash based no matter where you go unless you’re making a large purchase. Banks are about a 5 minute walk into town. The Rock of Cashel is actually a cathedral and castle built into each other. It was intact into the 19th century but is now missing a roof and there is extensive restoration going on there. There are some remnants of paintings throughout and they are working to conserve them. This is an OPW site and there is a guided tour option for no extra charge if you want it. We’d been before so we opted to walk around and see what had changed. To be honest not much had changed. When you see what the site was when it was intact as opposed to now it’s easy to appreciate how difficult a task they have.

There are headstones all over the site and an abbey down the hill.  All of those features combine for absolutely stunning views and the Rock dominates the landscape.


Don’t forget to walk into town.  There’s a castle hotel.  Literally it’s a tower house in a row of shops on the main street.  My husband and I have a bit of an obsession with castles and tower houses specifically so that was a very pleasant surprise for us.  We didn’t spend much time in Cashel since we needed to get to Cork to check into our B&B.


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