Kinsale – I could stay forever

We started the morning after we left Ardfield in Kinsale.  What a lovely town it is!  We had not planned to go there until Bernadette suggested it.  We’re glad she did.  It’s a wonderful harbor town that has a little something for everyone.  We parked down by the harbor and decided to find the tourist bureau.  As it turns out we walked right behind it so we took in a bit of the town before we found it again.  When we finally made it, we discovered there was a walking tour scheduled about 30 minutes later.  We decided to do that but walked up the hill to the castle which was an OPW site during the time we had.  We stopped by there on the walking tour as well.  The castle is small and you don’t need much time there.  It housed Americans during the revolutionary period as at the time it was a jail.

Our tour guide was a lovely individual named Dermot Ryan. He was a school teacher at one time and he tries to make the information accessible to everyone.  dermot-01

His website Kinsale Heritage Tours gives you a little information about the tour and about the area.  It is seriously the best 5 Euro ever.  You pay him at the end and can leave before that.  The tour was about two hours and was a little blend of history and humor.  We didn’t plan to spend that much time there but I’m glad we did.  It’s hard to describe just how peaceful and welcoming the town really is.

There are several buildings worth stopping at to include the castle museum I already mentioned, an 800 year old church that Cromwell housed horses in, the town museum, and many more.  Kinsale is also the gourmet capital of Ireland which is another draw for my husband who experiences the world through food.

Kinsale is a town with a few notable but not exactly famous people.  There are several victims of the Lusitania sinking buried here and a couple of members from Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s expedition are from here.  The church where the victims of the Lusitania are buried also house some battle flags from the Battle of Waterloo.

Cory has the big grin on his face for two reasons.  One he’s in Ireland.  Two he’s related to Sir Shackleton who led the exhibition that the two individuals behind him were on.  The ears on the busts are reported true to life for the most part.



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