Our last day in Dublin – How about a Jameson?

I’m going to have to break this post up into a few since I have so many pictures.  We started the day at the Ashling Hotel again and we wanted to do a few things before we left.  The chief thing we wanted to do was the Jameson Distillery.  By the way apparently there is more than one distillery in Dublin and they all do tours. The tour was much like the Guinness tour in that you don’t see the working areas but rather a representation of them. The guide was great and we were able to get all the pictures we wanted. The whiskey is now distilled out near Cork rather in Dublin which allows them to complete the entire process on site.






The Smithwick’s brewery in Kilkenny was the only brewery that gave a no kidding tour and they have now closed that brewery. That beer is now brewed at St. James Gate.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour to include the whiskey tasting. Now I know what you’re thinking but I don’t generally go for whiskey.  That’s because I’ve tasted the wrong whiskey up to this point.  They had us try Jameson and then Johnny Walker Black and finally Jack Daniels. I was hanging in there until the Jack Daniels.  Jack Daniels is just not a whiskey I enjoy.  I know for some who will read this that it’s heresy but I just don’t care.  At the end of the tour we had a Jameson and ginger ale and I found my new drink of choice for Ireland.  I haven’t sworn off Guinness though so no worries there.    I’m now a professional whiskey taster and I have to admit I tasted some more at dinner.  More about dinner later.


We just might have gone a bit nuts at the gift shop there as well.  Cory bought an engraved flask and set of whiskey.  We also bought a bottle with a personalized label of Distillery Reserve which is cask strength vice bottle strength.  Cask strength is stronger but you can only purchase it there so we figured why not.




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