Our days in Dublin

Like Cory I haven’t posted in awhile mostly because we’ve been staying local and working on our house. I happen to live in Virginia Beach so that’s not really a hardship when the beach is literally across the street. We’re doing Ireland in celebration of my 40th birthday and I have zero problem admitting to being that age.

We flew over on KLM and Aer Lingus.  KLM was fine but Aer Lingus will not be happening again. They always seem to have some completely random baggage rule that gets randomly enforced from one passenger to the next.  It also took them forever to get the baggage out because they had most passengers check one of their carry ons.

Luckily our driver didn’t give up on us and was waiting for us when we left the terminal. We got through everything about 45 minutes later than we were expected to.  We are staying at the Ashling Hotel right across from the Guinness Brewery and down the street from Colin’s Barracks. IMG_1598 The hotel room was a bit surprising in that there was a full size and a twin in the room. Cory assures me that’s normal for Ireland to accommodate families.IMG_1919

Our first day was a bit disjointed since we were tired.  Thankfully the driver was in charge of getting us to the hotel because I doubt we could have managed it at that point.  We showered up and headed out to get a late lunch at the Brazen Head Pub.  img_0031It was great but we found a pack of fellow Americans.  I love my countrymen but seriously if I go to a foreign country I don’t want to hear people that sound like me.

Determined not to find another pack of Americans we asked for a recommendation and ended up at Ryans of Parkgate in the upstairs restaurant. 8bebbff3377965fd0de4ae8a971640b3

It was seriously the BEST steak I’ve ever had, hands down, no question.  My family raises beef cattle so we take our steak seriously.  Everything was good and the restaurant is small so the service is great and there aren’t a ton of people.

We did go over to Dublin Castle that day.  We purchased our heritage pass which is the best thing going and toured the castle.


The State Rooms are truly impressive and since this is the anniversary of the 1916 uprising they had an exhibit about it.  We also spent some time in the Temple Bar area after dinner. I really enjoyed that area.  There we some musicians down there playing American favorites such as Johnny Cash.  It was nice sitting outside the cafe listening to music.



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