Our Days in Dublin – part 2

Our second day we had more a of plan for since we had some sleep.  We started at the hotel with a traditional Irish breakfast and headed out.  We headed over to Christ Church Cathedral and Dublinia.


Dublinia is a good exhibit about the origins of the city all the way back to the Viking settlement.

img_0051It features artifacts from the settlement recovered during the last dig.  You can purchase tickets to both at either the church or the museum which is what we did.  We also went up to the tower so I got some good pictures. Don’t judge the pictures too harshly. These haven’t been edited yet.  I’ll post an album later of the edits.

We headed over to the Temple Bar area for lunch and ate at The Shack.  It was another good meal.  We did some shopping down there as well.  Yes I’m Christmas shopping in July but I know my parents would rather have the stuff I bring back than what I would buy them back home.  I think if we come back to Dublin, we will likely stay down in that area.

We went to the tourist office to get our tour bus tickets for the hop on hop off tourist buses and spent the afternoon touring the city.  I recommend the green or yellow buses vice the red. The red ones are run by City Sightseeing and don’t seem to come as often as advertised.  mainimagecitysightseeing1You can go into their main office and buy fastrack tickets for the Guinness Brewery tour which we did.

Our late afternoon was spent at Guinness and it was impressive to say the very least.

I’m not really a beer fan but it does taste different here and I had the obligatory pint at the top of the storehouse.  It was good and my husband was thrilled there is actually beer I like since it rarely happens.

13620038_10209942314900060_7413200405588953302_nWe also went a bit nuts in the gift store but that’s okay. We tend to shop like we’re never coming back even though my husband and I love Ireland and will come back as often as we can.  Our first trip together was 1900 km over 7 days. I was exhausted and we covered a ridiculous amount of ground.  Cory admitted the reason that trip was so arduous was he was afraid we wouldn’t come back so he wanted to get as much in as he could.  Good news I like Ireland as much as he does.

We ended up eating dinner at Nancy’s Hand. The food was pretty good and they gave us a break on our drinks because we had the tour tickets.  13606893_10209942482544251_6109945472811697652_n

img_0091Purchase your tickets to tours first because most of the time you’ll get something off at restaurants.  You also need to book certain things in advance. We wanted to go to Kilmainham Gaol but it was booked up.  You’ll want to book that a few days out.  We learned our lesson and booked the Jameson Distillery tour today for tomorrow.



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