Our Adventure In Roatan

One of the things I kind of regret not doing is a travel journal.  Over time the details of my travels are getting lost and one trip kind of runs into another.  So I’m trying to go back and remember what I can.  Thanks for taking the trip with me.

One of our most favorite trips ever was our second cruise. We took the Norwegian Star out of Tampa.


This was our first time heading out on a seven day cruise and heading out of Tampa.  In our line of work we really aren’t supposed to have favorites but this has been our favorite ship so far.  There’s just something about it that spoke to us. We’ve sailed a few mega ships and I think we aren’t mega ship people even though we have a great time everytime.  Unfortunately for us Star is now in Asia.

We try to choose itineraries that visit at least one place we’ve never been to and that time it was Roatan, Honduras; Belize City Belize; Costa Maya, Mexico; and Cozumel, Mexico.  This was my Holy Grail because I’d never been to any of these places and I’d always wanted to see Belize.  Belize is just incredible.

We originally planned to dive in Roatan but there were rough seas so the dive was canceled the morning of the dive.  We had to reschedule our shore excursion, and we picked the Island sightseeing and beach tour.  We left the ship, headed up to a local market that had a great view of the pier so we could shop and take pictures of our cruise ship. Literally this market was up on a mountain.  We were able to visit several different craftsman and pick up some local items like wood bowls to bring back.

We headed to one of the highest points in Roatan, and visited a US expat’s house.



Before we headed to the beach, we stopped off at an Iguana farm where we could feed and pet the beautiful creatures.  They got very close to us and had no fear.  Basically if you had food they were happy to see you.  The farm had a pier and it was the same with the fish.


We headed back to the ship after that.  It was rainy off and on all day so we stopped at the straw market on the way back.

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This particular market was very close to the pier and featured your traditional tourist gifts as well as some handmade items.  I managed to find a thimble for my mother.  I know you might find that strange but she sews and has them for all over the world. I managed to find a hand carved box for my Dad which is great because he is impossible to shop for.  We also found a booth that sold vanilla and picked up that and some spices.  The vendor was even nice enough to share a taste of her lunch with my husband.  I think we got a good idea of what the island had to offer and I think the next time we’ll try to go diving.  I’ve heard the diving is pretty amazing so hopefully the weather will be in our favor next time.



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