The Invention of Saint Petersburg

I thought this was a good write up on St Petersburg. Being a photography nut I enjoyed the pictures the most. This is on the bucket list some day.

Bespoke Traveler

st-petersburg-basilicaI am not into collecting things, so I put a lot of thought into what I want to bring back with me from my travels. The smaller the item, the better, and I usually try to ensure that it has both practicality and sentimental value. I have never, therefore, considered bringing back the blueprints of an entire continent. Standing in the middle of Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, however, I feel that is exactly what has happened. Despite the candy colored minarets of its orthodox cathedrals, this city looks and acts like a replica of what I have seen in Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam. In fact the Winter Palace with its opulent stucco façade, Baroque reception rooms, and halls full of gilded chandeliers echo the rococo interior of Versailles. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral with its neoclassical columns and a golden dome are shades of Rome and Palladian villas…

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