Back to Nassau

Our last stop on the cruise was Nassau.  We’ve been to Nassau twice before so we were looking for something different.


download (2)

We were going to check out a resort for a day but the ones we were looking at booked before we were ready to make a decision.  There was one stop for Cory in the port that was not negotiable.  He wanted to eat at Bahamian Cookin.  Now if you are a local it’s Bahamian Kitchen.


Apparently there was something with the name and taxes and a previous owner so the owners changed the name.   The point of that story is that if you ask a local for Bahamian Cookin, they will look at you and think you’ve lost your mind or direct you to the Fish Fry.  We know because that happened to us.  We’d been there before on a culinary walking tour with the Taste of Nassau so we knew roughly where it was.  We asked because the day we were there it was POURING rain.  I rained so hard we considered not leaving the ship.  We were smart about it though.  When we realized that it was going to rain all day, we called the ship and scheduled spa treatments for later in the day.

So anyway as I said we went to Bahamian Cookin. Apparently the folks in Nassau had more sense than we did because we had the place to ourselves with the exception of a culinary tour.  None of the residents were out and about that day unless they worked down by the piers.

The food was wonderful.  We ordered a dozen conch fritters to start and share.  We ended up with conch chowder and the seafood platter which was grouper fingers, shrimp and cracked conch.  We shared everything and it was worth the trek through the monsoon.  Okay so the rain wasn’t that bad but when you don’t have a rain jacket or umbrella, it feels like it.



This is Cory with the family that runs it.  They are great people and will treat you well.

I wanted to jewelry shop a bit before we left. I needed a replacement chain for a charm and I wanted to look at some larimar.  We stopped at a jewelry store and I ended up looking at opal.  The store manager cut me a better deal than he should have and I went home with this.


After that it was dead sprint back to the ship to our appointments.  We both fell asleep during our treatments and spent the rest of the day in the thermal area of the spa.



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