Finally, a Cruise! (part two)

Travels With Cory

wp-1448964990664.jpeg Gorgeous sandwich at Astrid & Stephanie

After we picked up our friends from the airport, we headed into South Beach (so they could have the PADI dive shop print up their C-cards) before grabbing dinner, then heading back to Astrid & Stephanie for a light snack after dinner.  I was not expecting this when I ordered it, but I made sure to finish.  French sausages and brie on a baguette.  It was absolutely delicious.

wp-1448967669103.jpegThe next day it was cruising time!  I’m not going to board you with the check-in details, I’ll just pick up with once we were on board…  So, after we got on board the ship – we headed to lunch.  Normally, we head to O’Sheehan’s on Norwegian – because the crowds head to the buffet.  Not so today, we embarked right next to O’Sheehan’s and it was packed!  I had a couple of their specialty hot…

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