Whirlwind Trip to Phuket

The pool with the swim up bar (Drew’s favorite spot)
Pool with fountain next to the resort’s restaurant

Hi, my name is Abby and I currently live in South Korea with my husband, Drew, who just so happens to be Shellee’s cousin! 🙂 Our favorite thing about
living overseas are all of the travel opportunities it affords us. Several countries in Asia are only a short plane ride away and the plane tickets are cheap, so it’s a traveler’s dream. We only have eight months left here in Korea so we are trying to make the most of it by taking trips on any four day weekend that Drew gets. (Drew is an active duty officer in the Army, and he gets four day weekends for just about any U.S. holiday.) For Thanksgiving we decided to travel to Thailand. Since arriving in Korea, we have only ever heard good things about Thailand, and the weather here has just started to get cold and yucky so the warm temperatures and sunshine in Thailand seemed perfect. We went to Phuket, which is an island located in the southwestern portion of the country. The rainy season is just ending in November, so the forecast was thunderstorms everyday, however once we got there it was nothing but blue skies. We arrived there very late on our first night, so we didn’t get to see much but we woke up early the next morning to explore the resort and the nearby beach. Our resort was called Avista Resort and Spa. I highly recommend them if you’re ever in the area. We have nothing but good things to say about our stay. One of the reasons we chose this hotel was because of its proximity to the beach. All of the beaches in Phuket are public so you technically can’t stay right on the beach, but our hotel was only a few minutes walk away from Kata Beach. There are several beaches in Phuket, but Kata was described as more relaxing and laid back than the most popular beach which is Patong. Our first full day was spent on the beach, in the pool, and finished with a two hour massage in the spa. Another reason we loved Thailand was how affordable it was. The price for both of us to get the two hour massage was only $50/person which was actually higher than a lot of the massage parlors in the area. Food and drinks were also insanely cheap.  A bottle of beer from the nearby convenience store was about 75 cents, and the cocktails at the resort were about $5. 


The view of Kata Beach from our room
Clear water & soft sand at Kata Beach
Soaking up the sun




Our second day we decided to do a speedboat tour of Phang Nga Bay. Phang Nga Bay is full of beautiful islands unlike anything else I’ve seen. Most of the bay is a national park, and is therefore relatively untouched. The islands here are gorgeous, and if you’re a Pinterest addict like me you’ve probably seen pictures of them before online. The most famous island is “James Bond Island” which gets its name from being featured in the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Here’s the scene in the movie where the island is featured:

We traveled to James Bond Island, and several other islands which I can’t recall the names of. One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the floating Muslim village in the middle of the bay. We explored through the village and ate a traditional Thai lunch at a restaurant there. We also got to canoe through the mangroves and through a couple of caves. We were under the impression that we would be paddling ourselves, but once we arrived we were steered into a canoe with a very old man as our paddler and guide. He didn’t speak much English, but he asked us to call him Captain Ahmed and pointed out the various animals to us as he paddled. (Drew paddled the second half of the trip so Captain Ahmed could take a break 🙂 ) Once it was time for low tide we went to two more islands where we explored through caves that are only accessible during that time of day. We were given hard hats, which were much needed as some of the pathways were extremely cramped and we both hit our heads numerous times. We ended the day on another island which had a beautiful beach.


Floating Muslim Village


Canoeing through the mangroves patches
One of the islands
James Bond Island
James Bond Island
Drew and Captain Ahmed in the canoe
The middle of an island only accessible through an ocean cave
Monitor lizard spotted from the canoe








Our last day was once again spent on the beach, and we ate supper at the swim up bar in the pool before showering and getting on an overnight flight back to Korea. We went from 90 degrees and sunshine to 37 degrees and sleet. It was quite a shock. 🙂 I cannot say enough good things about Thailand! It’s absolutely beautiful, the food is delicious, and it’s extremely affordable. My favorite part was how kind and welcoming all the people were. From the moment we arrived we felt so comfortable and at ease. One thing is for sure, this will not be our last visit! 12294871_1099417223410386_4070807419514376049_n 12313745_1099417343410374_8793789835047575153_n12304099_1099417250077050_7608564516648837751_o  12308349_1099417320077043_8956663827700091567_n (1)



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