Diving Coki Beach

Our first port visit on our cruise was St Thomas.  We’ve been their before and already explored the island so we decided to try diving in this port.  We usually pick one port that we dedicate to diving especially if it’s a place we’ve been before.  Cory has been there one additional time without me and he really enjoyed Coki Beach so he wanted to make sure I got a chance to dive there.  By the way the locals pronounce it cookie and getting it wrong is a dead give away you aren’t from there.

We arranged a cab through a family member of a friend and she was great. We will definitely be using her again when we head down there.   She’ll do pretty much whatever you want to do.

IMG_0405 2
Our cab driver Kedith

Kedith was waiting for us when we got off the ship and got us to our dive location and we did some sightseeing on the way back to the ship to drop off the dive gear. Her company is Moving Over and Beyond Taxi Service and Excursions.

We got to Coki Beach and it was everything you want a Caribbean beach to be.  The water was crystal clear  and the beach and sea life were beautiful.  We decided to do a shore dive since the reef is really close to the dive shop and the beach we started from.  We had a pretty small group. There were four divers and one snorkler in addition to our dive master.  I’ve never really liked trying to put on really heavy gear on a pitching boat so the shore dive was perfect for me.  The dive shop staff took our gear down the beach for us and set it up so it was a matter of us putting on a wet suit and heading down to the beach.

We grabbed our gear, walked literally about 10 feet to water, and started our dive.  I sometimes forget how peaceful diving is.  We were the first group of the day so we had the beach to ourselves.  We saw all sorts of fish,  couple of crabs and plenty of coral.  One of our group members blew through a bunch of her air trying to chase down and film a stingray. It was probably one of the most relaxing dives I’ve had except for issues with my mask.  I’ll get that taken care of for next time.  This dive was the first one with the GoPro so that’s why I look like Superman in all the pictures.  Our dive master had his camera and took pictures of us so we had some great group pictures.

After the dive we decided to hang out and snorkel until our ride came.  We had a prearranged time so we could do what we wanted at the beach after the dive.  I’m not usually a fan of snorkeling since it seems like I always end up with water in the snorkel but I bought a new full dry one so that problem was solved.  We fed the fish and one greedy one bit my finger trying to get at the dog biscuit.

Here are some of the dive pictures and pictures of the island.

The green water ones are from when we were snorkeling.  I had escorts for most of the dive.  I have a couple of Amberjacks swimming with me for most of it.  I’ll post some other pictures and maybe some video after I get them downloaded.

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