Running With Bison at Yellowstone

I just found this blog post and I have to say they did a terrific job talking about the park.

Bespoke Traveler

Yellowstone-deer“Ooh, I want to feed them all, they’re so cute!” said the woman jumping over the fallen spruce trees set up as a barricade. Behind the tangle of horizontal limbs a Yellowstone National Park elk sat eyeing the gathered crowd with a regal expression. Its majestic antlers framed out from the crown of its head like a cloud of errant thorns. Its shoulders rose above most of the heads around it. Cameras clicked and people whispered, gawking at the creature. A few walked boldly closer to the elk’s family roving nearby, and they in return backed away. The seated elk remained, however, its head lowered, its defiant eyes watchful. “Isn’t it so adorable?” cooed the lady approaching closer. I caught the elk’s glance and saluted before walking away. From a distance the scene looked as if a mob were gathered before a trapped beast, waiting to pounce on it…

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