Travel Tip Tuesday

Since this is a travel blog I thought it would be a nice touch to include some travel tips.  It will also give you a break from hearing how great my vacation was.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that at least once.

  1.  If you’re going on a cruise, you’re going to want a travel steamer.  Cruise lines will not let you bring an iron onboard since they represent a fire hazard.  We have one like this.  You can find them in all sizes and they are pretty handy.

    My Little Steamer
  2. Use a small fishing tackle box  for your medicine.  This is the one we have.
    tackle box
    Plano Tackle box

    Make sure to label the top of the box with what’s in the compartment. If you are cruising, the gift shop may not have the medicine you need.  I usually take pain meds, heartburn/indigestion meds, and decongestant.  Anything other than that requires a trip to medical or the local drug store.

  3. Make sure you have a plan for evacuation if something happens.  Most travel insurance will cover it, but if it doesn’t either get a different plan or make sure your regular coverage will take care of it.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful.  Good luck on your next journey.


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