Back in Miami

Solara Surfside in Surfside, Florida

We’ve returned to Miami in preparation for the 2015 CruiseOne National Conference. After renting a car we headed to our timeshare in Surfside (yes we are that obsessed with travel).  We decided after a short while to head down to Little Havana for dinner and some shopping.  We’ve been there before and kind of have a routine.  There is a cigar and clothing shop we like so we wanted to hit those.

The Little Havana Cigar Factory in Miami

We made it to the clothing store but it moved so we’ll hit that tomorrow.  We went to the cigar shop, Little Havana Cigar Factory, and got cigars of course.  They also have cuban coffee so we picked some of that up as well.  After that we headed to El Exquisito and had dinner.  It was pretty good.  We usually hit El Nuevo Siglo which is in a grocery story.  The food was equally good.  El Exquisito has a bit better ambiance and English menus.  El Nuevo Siglo had one English menu and pretty much no one that spoke English.  I would say try that at your own risk if you don’t speak Spanish.  After dinner and some Cuban coffee, we had ice cream at Azucar.  That is definitely worth a stop.

Cuban coffee at El Exquisito in Miami

Tomorrow we’re planning to explore Surfside.  There is a French restaurant called Astrid and Stephanie that has a full breakfast and a bakery.  We can hardly wait. Tomorrow is up in the air after that.  We’ll be picking up some friends at the airport and then who knows.

Saturday will be embark day on the Norwegian Escape and the beginning of the conference.


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