We have arrived, Nassau.

So I usually like to have a day at sea prior to the first port.  It gives me time to get situated and recover from the traveling and checking from the previous day.  Since we’re with a larger group that didn’t happen this time because they helped choose the itinerary.  Since it was Nassau, I […]

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Wow I need a vacation.

So we’ve been looking forward to this cruise for quite some time.  It’s been awhile since we cruised or had a vacation so this one was a welcome change from our normal routine.  We decided on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas.  This is one of the largest cruise ships out there and it has […]

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Our Stop in Beautiful La Romana

Today was our day in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  I’ve been to the island of Hispaniola before but that was after the earthquake in 2010 and I was in Haiti.  There are many similarities and at the same time some differences.  Regardless of the differences, La Romana felt familiar.  We pulled into port a bit […]

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Our First Sea Day on Vista

Our day opened up with another general session full of travel agent stuff but we opened the session with a performance by Playlist Productions. Carnival has reintroduced live music and the shows are awesome.  We had lunch in Bonsai sushi during the session break.  The food there is wonderful.  It was well worth it.  So […]

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Heading Out on Carnival Vista

We’re finally traveling again.  Having a day job can be a bit of a drag that way.  We headed out after work on Thursday for Walterboro SC.  Our ultimate destination was Miami.  We are on our way to the Caribbean on the inaugural sailing of the Carnival Vista.  Full disclosure: we’re travel agents and this […]

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Getting Around Ireland

We get a few different reactions when we talk about vacations to places where they drive on the left.  Some are like “No problem, I’ve got this.” Others are like “Nope not ever, I just don’t think I could.” The rest are on the fence.  I think the assumption is driving is the only way […]

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